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Dylan McCreary

</Software Developer>

About Me

Welcome to my portfolio. My name is Dylan McCreary, I am currently attending Base Camp Coding Academy where I am training to be a Software Developer. I am skilled in Python, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Git, and SQLite. I also have experience in graphic design.


Hotel Reservation System

Screenshot of the hotel application

This application was built in Python3 using Tkinter. It stores information that hotels usually hold into a database. You can store information as well as editing the information in the database.

Check out the repository: https://github.com/BaseCampCoding/unit-project-2-loveleen-dylan

Created November 2020

Multi Language Translator

Screenshot of the multi language translator

Multi language translator is an application that was built in Python3 using a module called googletrans. You can translate anything you want into a 106 languages or more as well as translating something from a file.

Check out the repository: https://github.com/BaseCampCoding/fundamentals-of-programming-pt-1-unit-project-andy-and-dylan

Created October 2020

Personal Portfolio

Screenshot of me making the portfolio.

This is my portfolio that I am currently creating. It showcases my skills in HTML and CSS as well as showing projects I have created in Python and other languages as well as information about myself.

Check out the repository: https://github.com/DylanMcC3525/DylanMcC3525.github.io

Created December 2020

GUI Clock

Screenshot of GUI clock

GUI Clock built in Python3 shows the time but in a GUI.

Created September 2020

Contact Me

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